** 😄Long but Important update warning!😄**


April update:


This has been difficult to try and plan... how do you staff, order and prepare to run a pub 'just outdoors' in a small area at the mercy of the English weather!?👀😬🤦🏼😄🤷🏼‍♂️


We have aired on the side of caution to begin with: opening Friday - Sunday every week, starting Friday the 17th April.. until we can reopen in earnest from May 17th..🎉🥳


We will run a Takeaway menu on these days too.

If the weather is very kind we'll certainly review these opening times.🤞🌞


Due to the smaller size of our front terrace we will be operating a first come first served basis instead of bookings. We want the area to be accessible to everyone and not full of reserved signs, plus bookings can only be honoured if the weather is sympathetic.


The menus will be similar to our Takeaway menu's..(so not full a la carte) until we go inside, but we'll have a more casual bar menu too.


As many of you probably know we've been gradually refurbishing the pub inside, this has continued during this forced hibernation, you'll see the fruits of this when we reopen inside..😉😁

Now winter has passed, we are able to start tackling outside for a fairly comprehensive refresh starting with a new roof!😯 Then moving on to outside walls , windows etc..like I said comprehensive!🛠️

This will involve scaffolding but hopefully shouldn't impede on the outside space to much.. it'll be worth it for the end result! 🙏


I'll finish on a couple of thank you's.. firstly my landlord, who has been nothing but supportive during this crazy time and gone above and beyond to make sure we all have a pub to come back to.

Finally all you lovely customers for your continued support... we've almost made it!!! 🙌