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The Barley Mow!?

Auf Wiedersehen Pet The Windmill Inn Redmile
Auf Wiedersehen Pet The Windmill Inn Redmile
Auf Wiedersehen Pet The Windmill Inn Redmile

Auf Wiedersehen, Pet


I can be pretty sure that every Auf Wiedersehen, Pet fan recognises this as The Barley Mow from the second series of Auf Wiedersehen, Pet. I mean who could forget Happy Harry the Wing Co! The Barley Mow, or The Windmill Inn as it is known in the real world.

Back in 1983 when Auf Wiedersehen, Pet first aired, most of the leading cast were almost unknowns, but that was to change overnight, when on November 11th 1983, ‘If I Were a Carpenter’ the first episode aired on ITV. The show, about a group of unemployed building workers brought together on the Beco Building site in Düsseldorf, became an instant success with viewing figures in the millions. 3 Geordie bricklayers, a Scouse plasterer, a Cockney chippy, a Brummie electrician and a West Country bricklayer all grouped together in a wooden hut in the middle of Germany. Drunken nights out, weekends away fishing and a few other adventures along the way, many ending in broken dreams and broken hearts.


If you visit us at The Windmill, you can still see a couple of pictures on the wall, from when filming took place in the summer of 1985.

'Aga bloody doo'

One of many hilarious scenes from series two based in the lounge bar of The Windmill Inn.

Auf Wiedersehen Pet The Windmill Inn Redmile

We would love to welcome all fans of Auf Wiedersehen, Pet to The Windmill Inn. If you are visiting as a large party please contact us below.

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